Author Leesa Rowland - "Discovering the It Factor within You" Virtual Book Tour August 10 - September 22 2015

Why do some people walk into a room and instantly command everyone’s attention and admiration, while others go unnoticed?
What makes the difference? The answer is the “It factor."



If You Are Ready To:

  • Learn how to develop your charisma.
  • Acquire an essential life skill.
  • Create a new lifestyle.
  • Be in tune with your mind, body and soul.
  • Develop self-confidence and a strong sense of purpose.
  • Develop your spirituality and inner peace.
  • Regain your self esteem and stop losing your way.
  • Transcend through the negative aspects of your life.
  • Move past bad life experiences.





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Discover the Formula for Developing Your "It Factor."


Have you ever wondered why two people with the same humble background and similar education have dramatically different results with their careers and lives? Why some people are remembered long after they are gone?

The answer is the "It Factor."

The "It Factor" is a combination of charisma, self-discipline, enlightenment, spirituality and karma.

In her new book published by Kismet Publishing, Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality, Leesa Rowland shares simple steps to learn how to discover and
develop your inherent charisma and personal and authentic uniqueness.
What sets this book apart is that it includes the spiritual and religious aspects of charisma, not just the science.

Meet the Author


Leesa Rowland is an actress and animal advocate who went from the family ranch in Texas to the bright lights in Hollywood and New York. After earning her broadcast journalism degree at Texas Tech, Leesa went to Los Angeles to study acting at the Stella Adler Studios. She has had a successful career in acting, and has a vast cult following for her roles predominantly in horror movies. She is primarily known for her role as Victoria in Troma Entertainment’s “Class of Nuke ‘Em High,” parts 2 and 3, Starz Channel’s “Return to Nuke ‘Em High” and as Phyllis in Travis Campbell’s thriller “Slaughter Daughter.”
She is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild. Leesa has studied method acting, yoga, spirituality, charisma, Buddhism, and metaphysics for over twenty years.


Meet Discovering the It Factor within You Contributor

Robin Cofer
Robin Cofer was ordained “Swami Pranavananda” in 2007, by Sri Goswami Kriyananda, the spiritual preceptor of The Temple of Kriya Yoga. Robin is a priest carrying the spiritual flame of Kriya Yoga, a lineage that includes the iconic gurus, Babaji, Yogananda, and Sri Yuktseswar.
She was confirmed in the Episcopal tradition at Saint Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue in New York City in November of 2014. Robin is adept in Kundalini Yoga, certified by the master Yogi Bhajan. She holds multiple certifications, including Hatha and prenatal, and was trained by Pattabbi Jois, the master of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India. Robin has taught yoga, meditation, sacred chanting, and spiritual psychology internationally for nearly twenty years.
She holds certifications in Qigong, Reiki, Nia, Far Infrared Onnetsu Therapy, and holistic health from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild.
Robin Cofer provides wisdom and advice to such celebrities as The Real Housewives of NewYork City Sonja Morgan.

Available at:

Discovering the It Factor within You
Kismet Publishing, 2015
241 pages
ISBN: 978-0-578-15629-3

"I am personally moved and fascinated by the care and compassion of Leesa's book. I have read many books on self-help issues, the inner child, charismatic personalities, and the effects of our material world and social status—but the IT Factor encapsulates in a very kind and gentle way how YOU can be a better person. When you read this you will come away with positive thoughts that create positive results. Remember, you are what you think you are."
—CHRIS DeROSE, Humanitarian & Activist


What if you could look good, feel good, and most importantly, have the life you really want. 


Charismatic people are known for turning their dreams into reality. The vibrant sunshine of charisma resides within every individual soul, just waiting to be revealed—and this book is your first step toward discovering your own bright light!

No matter what sort of history this is the book you've been waiting for.

I have only so much time and money how do I know that this book will provide me with what I need?


The book takes readers on a journey through Leesa's colorful past and her contemplative path to self-discovery. It provides both Eastern and Western perspectives and advice from spiritual and religious experts. The East and West are both represented by high profile, high achievers, as they share their wisdom in intimate, personal stories.

Do you have to be born beautiful to be charismatic?

Leesa's research found that many charismatic people are not necessarily beautiful or handsome, true charisma comes from within, and if you believe that charisma is inside you it can be developed.Such luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. worked hard on their charisma to achieve success and make a positive impact on the world.



Listen to Author and Actress Leesa Rowland explain why she wrote the book: 



A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the New York animal welfare nonprofit, Animal Ashram.non-profit organization,

Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

The Relationship between Love, Pheromones, and the It Factor
Charisma – What is it & How to get it


Discovering the It Factor within You Tour Schedule Here

Author Gahan Hanmer "The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality" Virtual Book Tour April 20 - May 20 2015

Would if you were able venture back to the Middle Ages without going back in time?


About The Book


Welcome to Albert Keane’s beautifully designed medieval kingdom nestled in a completely isolated river valley in the Canadian wilderness. Peaceful, happy, and prosperous, it takes nothing from the modern world, not so much as a single clock.
cover of The Kingdom on the Edge of RealityThere is a castle, of course, and a monastery. There is even a pitch dark, rat-infested dungeon – because you simply have to have one if you are trying a rule a feudal kingdom!
Farmers work the land, artisans ply their trades, monks keep school and visit the sick, and nobody (well, almost nobody) misses the modern world at all.
So why has Jack Darcey – actor, wanderer, ex-competitive fencer – been tricked and seduced into paying a visit? And why hasn’t anyone told him that the only way to leave is a perilous trek across hundreds of miles of trackless wilderness without a compass or a map?
Because a tide of fear and violence is rising from the twisted ambitions of one of King Albert’s nobles, and Albert’s fortune teller believes that Jack could turn the tide – if he lives long enough.
Seamlessly blending medieval and modern elements, The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality serves up a heady brew of action, humor, romance and satire in a kingdom set apart in time and space where reality is the dealer’s choice.

Book:The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality
Paperback: 360 pages
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 937293645
ISBN-13: 978-1937293642

For More Information
The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is available at: Amazon, My Book Orders,, Barnes & Noble, Kobo,and other retailers.



About The Author - Gahan Hanmer

Born into a family of actors and painters, Gahan Hanmer naturally gravitated toward the arts. As a youth, he was not an exceptional student or much of an athlete, but he received satisfaction and appreciation from the work he did on the stage, which began when he was eight years old. Under the guidance of his uncle actor Marlon Brando, Gahan developed his talent exclusively as a theater artist, working with many inspired teachers and directors.

In the classical theater Gahan played soldiers, princes, kings and gods, along with beggars, villains, criminals and madmen. Trained in the Stanislavski ‘method’, living truly in the skins and minds of these characters, he absorbed what each of them had to teach him. But life in the theater is a kind of sacrifice; there is little or no money in it. He left the theater and came back to it many times. He wandered, stumbling through life, searching for he wasn’t sure what, supporting himself in a variety of occupations. The real world was his teacher then.

Later in life, when he had outgrown his need for the world of the theater and began living a more normal life, he began to try to organize some of what life had taught him in a novel of romance and adventure. Every night, after his two daughters were in bed, he became the main character in a perilous mythical journey and recorded it as it unfolded in his imagination. Years later, rewritten and revised many times and finally pruned and polished, the result was The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality.

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What Readers are Saying....

"I enjoyed The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality. I thought it strongly showed how interdependent we are on the people around us and how that connectedness isn't a bad thing. We spend so much time "alone" in the world, we don't often stop and look around at the people closest to us. Full of intrigue, sword fights, humor, and showcasing the strength of many against the one, this novel is a great read for fantasy lovers!"
The Bibliophilic Book Blog 

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Congratulations to Iain Van Schalkwyk winner of the Amazon Gift Card.

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Links to Excerpt

Chapter 1





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The Secret Behind The Secret Author Zaheen Nanji"Attract Your Ideal Weight" Virtual Book Tour Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

Author Zaheen Nanji "Attract Your Ideal Weight" Virtual Book Tour Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

What would life be like if you no longer struggled with your weight?…
End this battle forever! 


If You Are Ready To:

    • End your struggle with weight.
    • Change your relationship with food.
    • Achieve your New Years resolution.
    • Create a new lifestyle.
    • Learn effective strategies to end your battle with weight.
    • Explore new foods.
    • Get out of your own way.
    • Learn how others have lost weight and kept it off.
    • Learn the difference between smart eating vs deprivation.
    • Stop self-sabotaging and learn how to beat it.
    • Understand how motivation may be keeping you from achieving your weight goal!



    Zaheen Nanji is a Resilience Champion, speaker and entrepreneur. She owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta, Canada and is the author of three books of which two are co-authored. Zaheen transformed her life by overcoming her speech impediment and her struggles with weight. Not only that, she came to Canada at the age of 15, without her parents! Zaheen was recently nominated for RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur 2014. Her book, Attract Your Ideal Weight 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off, won Bronze in the Diet and Nutrition category at Global E-book Awards and Silver for best e-book trailer. She motivates and inspires people through her keynote speeches and breakout sessions.

    Book: Attract Your Ideal Weight
    Paperback: 60 pages
    Publisher: Insight Publishing; First edition (June 2, 2014)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1624520030
    ISBN-13: 978-1624520037

    Discuss this book by joining the conversation. 



    What Readers are Saying.... 


    If you want to learn how to work with your body and change your mental programming to make weight loss and weight maintenance much easier, read Zaheen's book. The golden nuggets of information she has shared is food for thought that will definitely help you reach your ideal weight!

    Mache Seibel, MD - Editor My Menopause Magazine

    Zaheen Nanji is Biz Chicks Top 10 in the Alberta Issue of Women Business Owners Today

    This book includes inspiring success stories, helpful self-assessment questions and fun food experiments!

     View Attract Your Ideal Weight Tour Schedule Here


    This Giveaway is open Internationally. You must be 13+ to enter.
    2 Winners will each receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card
    1 Winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card
    - See more at:


    This Giveaway is open Internationally.

    No purchase required to enter the contest.
      PRIZES 1 Winners will each receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash. 1 Winner will receive a one on one weight loss strategy session, Kindle copy of the book and weight loss CD. 

    Leaving a comment below well automatically enter you into the contest. 

    Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

    4 ways to implement smart eating

     5 ways to start attracting your Ideal Weight

    How weight loss is different for women 

    Five Key Behaviors That Can Help You Attract and Maintain Your Ideal Weight


      a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    Contest Winners Announced

    Congratulations to Michelle Elizondo winner of the Amazon Gift Card.

    Congratulations to Tammy Carlson winner of the one on one weight loss strategy session, Kindle copy of the book and weight loss CD.


    Author Bajeerao Patil "Lifelong Sobriety:"- Virtual Book Tour Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

    Join Author Bajeerao Patil on his Virtual Book Tour starting Dec 19th, sponsored by The YP Publishing.

    Find out how to break the cycle of addiction and find your path to recovery.


    About The Book - Lifelong Sobriety 


    Lifelong Sobriety is the first recovery book that emphasizes the importance of taking care of emotional health. Prolonged drug use impairs judgment and the ability to focus for long periods of time. Drug users need a short book, with content that demonstrates brevity in every chapter. Lifelong Sobriety is such a book. It is structured around short, precise and highly accessible chapters. Each chapter is designed to teach about or change a specific behavior.
    Chapter contents include extensive anecdotes of current and recovering drug users, along with advice relevant to the chapter topic. There are no scientific studies, no research facts, and no academic jargon that will inspire a drug addict not to seek help or continue the path of recovery. The book offers straight talk in plain sensible language. The thirty-four chapters contain the kind of simple advice a recovering drug addict might encounter in a recovery group.

    These stories will help readers gain insight into their own compulsive behavior, their distorted thinking and help them find the answers to their issues.

    Lifelong Sobriety
    Publisher: BRPBooks
    Pages: 238 pages
    ISBN:  978-0989569811 
    Genre: Nonfiction/Self-Help
    Format: Paperback

    About Bajeerao Patil's Other Books


    The author’s first book, Insanity - Beyond Understanding  readers learn and understand the behavior and attitude of addicts that keep them sick. Purchase  Insanity - Beyond Understanding here.  In Lifelong Sobriety, the focus is on helping readers find solutions to their issues, change their past behaviors, attitudes and learn how to manage their lives more effectively.

    For More Information

    Lifelong Sobriety is available at: Amazon.
    Watch the book trailer at Youtube.
    Visit Bajeerao’s site.


    About The Author -Bajeerao Patil 


    Author Bajeerao Patil possesses an enormous wealth of knowledge on the subject of addiction from his over 20 years work as an addiction counselor. He has a masters’ degrees in Social Work and Human Resources.

    Author Patil was born in India and now lives in Media, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children. Passionate about his work, he toils sixteen-hour days, seven days a week in pursuit of helping others overcome their addictions.

     You can visit his website at


    Discuss this book by joining the conversation.

    No purchase required to enter the contest.

    What Readers are Saying....

    "Even if the subject doesn't pertain to you, everyone has a loved one who could benefit from this great book. The Author has so much experience and has done a great job putting together this self help book. It is one of those life changing experiences that will help many people who apply the book's wisdom." By Thomas Hay, Torment your imagination

    Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

    How to Recognize Addiction in Your Teen
    How Anger Can Lead to Drinking or Using Drugs
    The Benefits of Positive Thinking
    How Addiction Damages Marriage
    Living With Chronic Illness and Addiction 
    Bajeerao Struggle 


    Unravelling The Human Origins Mystery Author Daniel Friedmann "The Broken Gift" Book Tour Sept - Oct 2013

    Join Author Daniel Friedmann on his Virtual Book Tour, starting Sept 12th, sponsored by The YP Publishing.

     Have you ever wondered How did we get here?

    About The Book - The Broken Gift


    Was Adam the first man? Was man created by divine act in less than one day almost 6,000 years ago, as the Bible suggests?

    Or did man appear 200,000 years ago as the culmination of numerous human-like species that existed during a span of millions of years, as the scientific record shows?

    Both cannot be right. Or can they?

     Imagine there exist manuscripts, written centuries ago, that could help us objectively decipher
    Genesis and thereby extract the timeline and key events recounting the appearance and early history of our species, Homo sapiens, precisely as identified by the latest scientific evidence derived from the fossil record and genetic studies.

    The Broken Gift carefully examines the relationship between scientific theory and biblical teachings. The book approaches the human origins debate from a fresh perspective informed by both scientific and scriptural research. The book demonstrates alignment between key events and their dates relating to the appearance and early history of our species as described in Genesis chapters 1 through 11 (Adam, Adam’s descendants, the Flood, and the fall of Babel) with those derived from scientific observation. Could both be true? Is the evidence solid or is it sophistry? You’ll have to be the judge.

    The Broken Gift
    ISBN:  978-0978457228
    Pages:  260 pages

     Is available for purchase at: Amazon,
    iTunes and Kobo.

    What People are Saying...

    "So, how did we get here?

    The author unravels this primordial puzzle in twelve chapters that explore with equal fairness the scientific rationalization and the scriptural explanations. Then, he performs a most intriguing clarification: according to his detailed calculations, the two accounts can be fused. He reveals that their differences may have been mirrors of each other all along.

    Readers will be delighted with other aspects of this book in addition to the above mentioned topics. Have you ever wondered just exactly where we are in the Age of Man? Are we near the so-called End Times? Was Eden a myth, another dimension somewhere between corruptibility and incorruptibility, or a real place on the map? Did sin cause mankind's downfall? Can we comprehend God's creative process?

    THE BROKEN GIFT should win awards for excellence. Readers will discover an absorbing attempt to brush away the sands of time and reveal a new view of eternal truths, such as the need for humanity, facts and fiction surrounding The Flood, Babel, Wave-Partical Duality, and Time. Readers will fairly float through the book with ease, for despite the lofty subject matter, he writes engagingly with excellent grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling and composes his book in an easy-to-read format that can be absorbed by anyone. Best of all, readers need never wonder how he arrived at any idea. Footnotes abound that document every resource the author used to springboard to his inspirations. Three Annexes, a Glossary, and an Index make return reading a snap, and readers will want to return because the book will be widely discussed."
     David W. Menefee, award winning author, film historian and screen writer 

    "The premise of this book, supported by many thought-provoking arguments, is that a dual analysis of scientific evidence and the material related in Genesis lead to the same events and timelines for the beginnings of mankind. Using both scientific and scriptural research, the author an engineer - seeks to demonstrate a meaningful alignment between what science and the bible tell us.

    Discussions cover both scientific inquiries, the controversial subject of Creationism, and the current situation of both. The fossil record, genetics, and the timeline for the appearance of homo sapiens are covered. There's a fascinating interpretation of scriptures as well as the critical conversion of human and divine time to reach similar conclusions regarding humanity's timeline.  Many readers may discern revelations about revelation in Genesis.

    The book ponders whether there is scientific evidence for the flood. The scientific history of language, from the perspectives of the bible and science, is also especially interesting. Illuminating figures and tables, enhancing the textual assertions, are spread among the chapters. Ample subheads facilitate easy reading of the clearly A glossary of relevant terminology is very handy. The cover design is intriguing. The title by itself is insufficient to reflect the book's contents. A subtitle suggesting the premise and citing science and the bible would be very worthwhile.
    Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

     About Daniel Friedmann's Other Books

    The author’s first book, The Genesis One Code, demonstrates an alignment between the dates of key events pertaining to the development of the universe and the appearance of life on earth as described in Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, with those derived from scientific theory and observation. This book, The Broken Gift, follows and extends the scope of The Genesis One Code to include the appearance and early history of humans.

    Daniel Friedmann is Untreed Reads Store Bestselling Authors of 2012
    The Genesis One Code
    Finalist in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards 
    2013 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner
    Daniel Friedmann's books are featured in National Post, Toronto Star, UnCommon Descent, and Idea City


    About The Author - Daniel Friedmann

    Daniel Friedmann is a student of the origin of the universe and life on earth both from the scientific and biblical perspectives. 

    He is the author of The Genesis One Code, which demonstrates an alignment between the times of key events described in the creation narrative in the book of Genesis with those derived from scientific theory and observation. His second book entitled The Broken Gift demonstrates an alignment between the key events and timeline recounting the appearance of humans in the book of Genesis with those derived from the fossil record and genetic studies

    Born in Chile and raised in Canada, he is currently CEO of Canada’s leading aerospace company is involved in space exploration and the Hubble telescope. He is a professional engineer and holds a master’s degree in engineering physics. He has 30 years’ experience in the space industry, having worked on projects in fifteen countries while throughout the decades conducting extensive scientific
    research. He has published more than 20 peer- reviewed scientific papers on space industry topics and cosmology. He is also a longtime student of religion. 

    His work on reconciling the biblical account with scientific observation utilizing his biblical clock formula has been reported in various newspapers, magazines and radio talk shows. He is passionate about helping young adults put science and the Bible in correct context. 

    Daniel pedals to work, 45 minutes each way while listening to bible study lectures on an mp3 player. In summer months, the spry 56-year-old sea kayaks, hikes and rock climbs. From October to June, he loves skiing, especially in the backcountry. 
     You can visit his website at

    Join the Conversation 

     In person book signing Author Daniel Friedmann
    Thursday, November 7th, 6:30-8pm

    Banyen Books & Sound
     3608 W 4th Ave  Vancouver, BC
     (604) 732-7912
    Learn More Here


    “A wonderful blending of science and spirituality! Daniel Friedmann’s newest book is an eye-opener for both staunch scientists and orthodox religious folks. Being of the latter, it solidifies my faith even more. Worth reading at least twice!”

    Blogging for Smarties Virtual Tour January 1st - Jan 15th 2013

    Join Author Yvonne Wu on her Virtual Tour January 1st, sponsored by The YP Publishing.

    Blogging for Smarties Blogging for Authors and Speakers Complete Edition
     ebook includes two comprehensive videos that show you step by step how to set-up your blog

    About The Book - Blogging for Smarties

    The Internet is often the first place that people turn to for information about anything and anyone. Company addresses, information about a person, and reviews about a company are a click away. Potential visitors rely on the Internet to learn about specials, book releases, events, and information. Your website is your storefront and it enables you to reach a global market. Having a website that supplies this information is a necessary component of running a business.

    As an author and speaker, the Internet becomes a business channel to network, advertise your products and services, and build a following on a global level. Learn how to create your first blog, effectively market your blog and create passive income opportunities in our new ebook, “Blogging for Smarties: Blogging for Authors and Speakers,” which will walk you through the steps of building an extremely effective website.

    Blogging for Smarties
    Complete Edition
    Pages: 43 pages

    Is available for purchase at:

     WINNER of the Global eBook Award for Technology (2013)

    Blogging for Smarties Short Edition without video access can be purchased at Amazon Apple, Chapters Indigo, Sony and other retailers.

    What People are Saying...

      " Writing a blog or podcast or even starting your own website might be more than a little enamoring to some. With all the technology out there, some of us still need to be held by the hand and guided through the steps. This Is The Book! Author Yvonne Wu takes the time to introduce WordPress and explain what it is and isn't capable of doing. She then provides snapshots of screens as examples so that there is no misunderstanding. It doesn't stop there! Tips on the various applications are provided to enable the reader to use the program to its maximum potential. I am personally so glad to have had the chance to read this short how-to book. Researching and contemplating on a blog and website for quite a while, now, it just seemed too difficult to proceed. My mind has been changed! I feel empowered by the simplicity of it all. The language is something anyone with a little computer knowledge can understand. Suggestions provided by the author seem logical and to the point. I vow to try at least some of them! Writing a reference guide, especially one regarding websites and so on surely must be somewhat difficult but Ms. Wu makes it seem as though it were as natural as breathing. This book would be great for tutorial centers, libraries, computer labs and of course the home collection. I highly recommend "Blogging for Smarties" to anyone with an inkling to delve into their own cyber presence."
    Reviewed by Brenda Ballard, for Readers Favorite

     "Before designing your website (or before you approach a web designer), identify your target market so you can create a website that will attract your intended audience."
      "Today, it takes a lot more than a way with words to be a successful author. The quality of an author's work is arguably just as important as how they market themselves. Yvonne Wu has provided a strong compendium for authors hoping to make their work stand out amid the information age's new multitudes of authors. The publishing industry has changed dramatically. Without publishers willing to take a chance on emerging fiction, it behooves the self-published author to become his or her own marketing department. The easiest way for an author to do this, Wu explains, is to cultivate a strong web presence. Wu steers her readers toward WordPress, an accessible blogging/web hosting platform. Geared toward both the tech-savvy and inexperienced author, she explains, step by step, how to create a blog from the ground, up. Taking things a step further, Wu provides instruction on how to make your blog pay, a place where other how-to guides fall short. Through the use of syndication techniques, such as RSS feeds and social networks, Wu instructs the reader on how to bring in the traffic that can translate to cash flow through speaking engagements and advertising. In the new fiction and non-fiction market, the harsh reality is that crafting strong prose is not enough to sell. The market is awash with talent—and your talent needs to stand out. Wu's guide to blog creation and strategies will help you ensure your work gets the attention it deserves."
    Reviewed by Patrick Hensley, for The US Review of Books


    Many Authors and Speakers struggle with:

     Installing Plugins
    Adding an Opt in form
    Marketing their blog

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you did not have to struggle or depend on someone else to do it for you?

    Questions & Answers

    I have only so much time and money, how do I know that this book will provide me with what I need?

    Have you found that in order to find the answers on how to do something you found yourself buying several books? One book to learn blogging basics and another book that teaches you how to blog. Find the answers in one complete book. Most blogging books are very general and are not targeting the needs of a specific occupation. Blogging for Smarties Complete Editions has how to's, strategies and solutions that meet the needs of authors and speakers. 

    What are the pro’s and con’s to this book?

    Yes, much of the content can be found elsewhere, but you usually have to read several books to find out similar information. If you are not an author or speaker, you can still benefit from the information, but it may not be as relevant.  Blogging for Smarties gives you the answers to the questions that are relevant to you as an author and speaker. The video's are available when you want. Saving you endless hours of time and research.

     About The Author -Yvonne Wu

    Yvonne Wu, provides services tailored to professional speakers and authors, helping them achieve a greater online presence. Yvonne helps clients reach their potential in their business by promoting their books, creating their websites and increasing social networking opportunities. Yvonne has assisted authors with a wide variety of projects across North America, helping them with publishing and promoting their book. Yvonne has been a guest blogger and has been interviewed on various sites that discuss other aspects of the publishing industry. She is a graduate of the Author Assistant Program, Business Administration Marketing and Speaker Assistant Program.

    View Blogging for Smarties Tour Schedule