How To Sell More To Your Ideal Client Online - Author Alison Silbert "Boost Your Revenues by Turning People Away" - Virtual Book Tour June 2011

Join Author, Alison Silbert on her Virtual Book Tour, starting June 6th sponsored by The YP Publishing.

Identify your ideal client.

Learn the best way to increase your business.

About the Book

This business primer makes it easy to understand how to do business online. How? “Boost Your Revenues by Turning People Away”. Part 1 identifies who your company's ideal client is, and how that ideal client becomes an ideal online visitor when searching the Internet or looking at your company website. Part 1 also includes links to various worksheets to help a businessperson identify the ideal client. Part 2 outlines three simple ways to put together a website, so your ideal visitor feels confident about your ability to identify and solve problems. Part 3 tells your ideal visitor how to find your site. Alison's aim is to help clients reach their online marketing potential. She wants customers to understand how to leverage the Internet to build their businesses. Most of the book's content comes from real dealings with clients and providing answers to commonly asked questions.

About The Author

Alison Silbert is the author of “Winning Websites” published in 2007, and “Boost Your Revenues by Turning People Away” published in January 2011.
Alison's company Passionate Web Creations and Ideal Visitor Inc provides clients with a wide variety of business building, marketing services and web development services. She has helped clients of all sizes, including entrepreneurs, just starting businesses and fully operational corporate structures. Her clients have included such Canadian universities as University of Toronto and University of Calgary.
Alison Silbert is among the prestigious ranks of Stanford Who's Who as a result of her exceptional professional career. Stanford Who's Who empowers executives, professionals and entrepreneurs around the world. During her collegiate career, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Programming from Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology. She has also studied Business Management and Marketing.
When not running her business, she is a mentor, coach, and teacher, supporting individuals in living their dream of having a successful online business. She has taught database courses at the University of Toronto. She lives in Mississauga with her husband, 2 children and a loyal sheltie named Cocoa.

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Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

Alison talks about finding the right clients and how to boost your revenue
Author Alison Silbert talks with Devesh about strategies on how to grow your business 200%
Alison talks about 3 simple ways to make your website build credibility for you. 
Alison talks about strategies on how to grow your business
Alison talks about how to make your website build credibility for you
Alison talks about The Top 5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Website Development Company

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 What Readers are Saying....

"What I like about this book is that it's a real "how-to" book, but without being super techie. Alison really dives into the specifics of what you need to do to set up a website and online business.

Who should read this book?

* People who are setting up their websites themselves.
* People who are hiring someone else to set up their website, but still want to have a basic understanding of what's going on.
* People who want guidance in how to hire a professional to set up their site."

H. Buchanan,
Marketing to Women


Karen said...

Looking forward to participating in the virtual book tour.

cyrus said...

Look likes a interesting tour.

Anonymous said...

It seems like a great read for providing help for setting up my website. A crucial tool for business-owners!

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