Start Up from the Ground Up - Author Cynthia Kocialski - Labor Day Virtual Book Tour September & October 2011

Join Author Cynthia Kocialski on her Virtual Book Tour, starting September 5th sponsored by The YP Publishing.

Dedication to the social and economic achievement of entrepreneurs.

About The Book

“Startup From The Ground Up” explores why an entrepreneur can only go so far with just an idea. There are many people who dream of being an entrepreneur, but most don’t know how to realize their dream. New businesses don’t fail because companies are unable to build a product or offer a service; they fail because the business factors needed to bring that product into the market are either neglected or ignored. “Startup from the Ground Up” provides practical advice for how to get an entrepreneur gets moving down the right path and thinking in the right direction with practical tips, strategies, techniques and stories on how to transform an idea into a company. It shows the entrepreneur which business factors should be given their focus and attention in the beginning years of the new business.

About the Author

Cynthia Kocialski is the founder of three tech companies. What makes her unique is that she has experienced many start-ups and seen them from the inside out, including the day-to-day trials and tribulations, not just the milestones and status presented to passive investors and outsiders. In the past 15 years, she has been involved in dozens of start-ups and has served on various advisory boards. These companies have collectively returned billions of dollars to investors. Cynthia has held various technical, marketing, and management positions at IBM and Matrox Electronics. Cynthia has engineering and mathematics degrees from the University of Rochester and the University of Virginia.

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Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

Create the 4-Hour Work Week and Do We Really Want It
How The Education System Can Take A Great Leap Forward with Technology
Warning Signs for Startup Failure
Why Big Companies Resist Doing Business With Start-Ups
How To Lose An Investor Before You Finish Speaking
Why Marketing Should Begin ASAP
Editorial Content Really More Effective than Advertising
Wanna be a Entrepreneur
Getting Your Start-Up To Reach Its Maximum Productivity
When Should a Startup Begin its Marketing
The Surprising Resemblance Between Christopher Columbus and Today’s Entrepreneur
How Families Affect Women Entrepreneurs
Women Vs Men Entrepreneurs
Hard Learned Lessons about Advertising and Small Business

What Readers are Saying....

"Real world tips and detailed instructions which can be applied to any business to help from everything from product development to creating a business plan to presenting to investors. This book is full of good information that can make any businesses growth just a little less rocky and certainly more organized and thoughtful. "

Sarah Worsham (Sazbean) is CEO & Web Strategist at Sazbean Consulting.

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