Your Start-Up Company as a Business Experiment Virtual Tour Sept 3rd - Nov 3rd 2012

Join Author Cynthia Kocialski on her Virtual Tour September 3rd, sponsored by The YP Publishing.

Yes! you could be the next Google, Amazon or Facebook.

This Video Series has 2 hours of information that will change your perspective on the way you do business. Fix broken business models and create new ones.  

The Videos Course provides the entrepreneur with a way to simplify what they need to focus on and in a way that is doable and manageable for them. Show the first time entrepreneurs HOW to think about creating the business and gives examples of how other entrepreneurs have tackled different hurdles.

Your Start-Up Company as an Experiment eBook is how the scientific method can be applied when starting a new business – a process and system for discovery you to determine what the new business really is. The first phase of the start-up should be to identify the assumptions and hypotheses about the product and business, devise business experiments to prove out the theories, and iterate until the entrepreneur has a good understanding of market and customers. Then it becomes possible to really build a viable business and if desired, attract investors.

When you purchase Your Startup Company as a Business Experiment Video Training, you’ll receive a dozen bonus gifts. Most of these gifts are EXCLUSIVE offers for you when you buy the video- i.e. are not available anywhere else.

New Business Training audios, transcripts, worksheets, whitepapers, ebook and an animation series to illustrate various scenarios and concepts.

What Readers are Saying....

"This course is GREAT for anyone looking to launch a start-up! To say that I am happy with my purchase would be a complete understatement. Within this course you are not going to find the traditional textbook ideas that we have been taught over and over again in our Business 101 college classes. You will find cutting edge and new ways to launch an idea or concept into a functioning business model." - Christian Smith
" The course is split into seven chapters, Getting Started, The Concept Plan, Building Business Proof of Concept, How to design and conduct business experiments, Common Mistakes, An Investors Perspective & Investor Turn Offs. To cap it all there is also a course ebook that you can read at leisure.
Cynthia has created a two-hour course of information which will seduce the student into understanding why certain things work, and why other things don’t. The end result is a package that allows you to experiment with your idea, to tweak and manipulate it to make the end result more effective. This is a body of work that can really change your future. To miss out would be to definitely miss out. "- Will Rooney, Startup Book Reviews

   Entrepreneurship can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you can have. The Video Start-Up as a Business Experiment is where science meets the business world and how entrepreneurs make the discoveries that lead to the right product and business model. Every entrepreneur has the same goal when starting a new business: to become a thriving and successful business.

Do I need a business plan?
Most entrepreneurs treat the information in the business plan as the proven recipe for reaching their goals. The problem is most of the information is estimates, guesses, and just plain wishful thinking. How much of the information in your business plan is rock solid facts and data? Unless you have direct experience with the market, customers, and stakeholders, it’s not likely to be based upon actual experience. In which case, you are simply not ready yet to write a business plan. This is where the concept plan coupled with a strategy for business experiments comes into play. It creates the mindset within the entrepreneur that one needs to discover the right product and business model through direct experience before one can write that rock solid business plan.

I have only so much time and money how do I know that this course will provide me with what I need?
Most entrepreneurs have a technical skilled background. If they are starting a software company, they were trained as programmers. If they are starting an architectural firm, they were trained as architects. They focus on the end product for the skill, which is either developing the product or providing the service. Time and again, I find entrepreneurs who don’t want to spend money of the ‘other’ aspects of a business because they think the product is the biggest piece to success – until it is almost too late. Yet, their start-up is a business. Investors only attribute 10% of success to the product, the rest is the business that surrounds the product. Anyone considering this course has figured out that the product isn’t everything and they need to know what the rest is.

 When you purchase Your Startup Company as a Business Experiment Video Training,
you’ll receive a dozen bonus gifts. Most of these gifts are EXCLUSIVE offers
for you when you buy the video- i.e. are not available anywhere else.
 About the Author

Cynthia is the founder of three companies. In the past 15 years, she has been involved in numerous start-ups and has served on various advisory boards. Cynthia has worked with established companies to bring start-up techniques and technologies to corporations desiring to process improvement and efficiency. Prior to this, she held numerous technical, marketing, and management positions at major corporations, with responsibilities including product development, engineering management, technical marketing, strategic business planning, and general management.

Cynthia writes the popular Start-up Entrepreneurs’ Blog (, which covers observations, lessons, and stories of life inside start-ups.

She and is the author of the books, Startup from the Ground Up and Out of the Classroom Lessons in Success.

Cynthia also has written many articles and white papers on emerging technologies and start-ups that have appeared in such popular publications as Investor’s Business Daily, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, Home Business, Yahoo! Finance, and MS NBC.

Her career has taken her to New York City, Washington, D.C., Miami, and San Francisco. She holds degrees in engineering and mathematics, and is a graduate of the University of Rochester and University of Virginia.

 Join the Conversation!

Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

Why Your Start-Up Isn’t Thriving
Does Your Start-Up Have the Right Product for the Market
How to Craft a Killer Business Model
3 Ways to Ensure Your Start-Up Won’t Succeed
Is Your New Business Headed for Disaster

Is your business plan driving your business where it needs to go
Could your business plan be the reason your business is struggling
How to Attract Investors to Your Start-up
Why a Business Plan is an Overrated Success Factor
What Do You Need To Know To Make Your Dream of a Business a Reality
The Biggest Start-Up Blunders Entrepreneurs Make
Is Your Business Plan Failing Your Start-Up and What to Do About It
How to get your start-up unstuck and moving forward
Why your start-up isn’t living up to your dreams
Why Start-ups Become Disappointments to entrepreneurs
A New Way to Create a New Business from Nothing
How to Avoid a Start-Up Nightmare.

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