Author Bajeerao Patil "Lifelong Sobriety:"- Virtual Book Tour Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

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Find out how to break the cycle of addiction and find your path to recovery.


About The Book - Lifelong Sobriety 


Lifelong Sobriety is the first recovery book that emphasizes the importance of taking care of emotional health. Prolonged drug use impairs judgment and the ability to focus for long periods of time. Drug users need a short book, with content that demonstrates brevity in every chapter. Lifelong Sobriety is such a book. It is structured around short, precise and highly accessible chapters. Each chapter is designed to teach about or change a specific behavior.
Chapter contents include extensive anecdotes of current and recovering drug users, along with advice relevant to the chapter topic. There are no scientific studies, no research facts, and no academic jargon that will inspire a drug addict not to seek help or continue the path of recovery. The book offers straight talk in plain sensible language. The thirty-four chapters contain the kind of simple advice a recovering drug addict might encounter in a recovery group.

These stories will help readers gain insight into their own compulsive behavior, their distorted thinking and help them find the answers to their issues.

Lifelong Sobriety
Publisher: BRPBooks
Pages: 238 pages
ISBN:  978-0989569811

About Bajeerao Patil's Other Books


The author’s first book, Insanity - Beyond Understanding  readers learn and understand the behavior and attitude of addicts that keep them sick. Purchase  Insanity - Beyond Understanding here.  In Lifelong Sobriety, the focus is on helping readers find solutions to their issues, change their past behaviors, attitudes and learn how to manage their lives more effectively.
Lifelong Sobriety is available for purchase at:

and other retailers. 


About The Author -Bajeerao Patil 


Author Bajeerao Patil possesses an enormous wealth of knowledge on the subject of addiction from his over 20 years work as an addiction counselor. He has a masters’ degrees in Social Work and Human Resources.

Author Patil was born in India and now lives in Media, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children. Passionate about his work, he toils sixteen-hour days, seven days a week in pursuit of helping others overcome their addictions.

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What People are Saying...

"Even if the subject doesn't pertain to you, everyone has a loved one who could benefit from this great book. The Author has so much experience and has done a great job putting together this self help book. It is one of those life changing experiences that will help many people who apply the book's wisdom." By Thomas Hay, Torment your imagination

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Topics that will be discussed during the tour -

How to Recognize Addiction in Your Teen
How Anger Can Lead to Drinking or Using Drugs
The Benefits of Positive Thinking
How Addiction Damages Marriage
Living With Chronic Illness and Addiction
Bajeerao's Struggle

 Lifelong Sobriety Tour Schedule

Dec 19  - Review at Life as Leels 
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers in search of hard answers

Dec 20  – Featured at Susan Heim on Writing
 Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers and writers

Dec 21  – Guest Blogger at Self Help Collective
Lifelong Sobriety reaches inner peace seekers
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about his struggle

Dec 21 – Live Interview on Recovery Talk 101
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about overcoming addiction
Time 6pm to 7pm EST
Call In to Ask Questions

Dec 22 – Guest Blogger at The Anger Guy
Lifelong Sobriety reaches individuals looking for anger management solutions
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about how anger can lead to drinking or using drugs

Dec 23 – Listed at Faith At The Beach
Lifelong Sobriety reaches inner peace seekers

Dec 24  – Review by Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer Grady Harp
Amazon Review -
The Priority: taking care of emotional health

Dec 25  – Featured at Ask The Anger Guy
Lifelong Sobriety reaches individuals looking for solutions

Dec 26 - Visiting the Black Caviar Book Club
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Dec 27 – Guest Blogger at Relationship Counselor Barbara J Peters
Lifelong Sobriety reaches individuals looking for relationship advice
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about how addiction affects a marital relationship adversely

Dec 28  – Guest Blogger at Mary's Cup of Tea
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Dec 29  – Expert Author at Self
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Jan 1 – Guest Blogger at Night Owl Reviews
*Book Giveaway Enter to Win Here*
Lifelong Sobriety reaches teens

Jan 3 – Guest Blogger at MS
Lifelong Sobriety reaches individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about chronic illness and addiction

Jan 4  – Review at Dead Tree Reviews
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers in the USA

Jan 5 – Guest Blogger at Priscilla and her books
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers in Singapore

Jan 7 – Guest Blogger at Dr. Kay Trotter
Lifelong Sobriety reaches teens  
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about how to recognize addiction in your teen

Jan 8 – Guest Blogger at All Things That Matter Press
Lifelong Sobriety reaches knowledge seekers
Jan 9 – Guest Blogger at Cami Checketts Books
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Jan 10 -  Interview at Women Connect Online
Lifelong Sobriety reaches families

Jan 11  – Guest Blogger at The New Book Review
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Jan 12 -Visiting The Deeper Meditation the Ultimate Stress Blog

Lifelong Sobriety reaches inner peace seekers 

Jan 15  – Review at Learn from My Self Improvement Journey
Amazon Review -
Lifelong Sobriety reaches self improvement seekers in the United Kingdom

Jan 16 -Visiting Broowaha
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Jan 17 - Visiting the Cappuccino Breeze Podcast
Lifelong Sobriety reaches iPad and iPhone listeners

Jan 18  – Interview at The YP Publishing
Lifelong Sobriety reaches readers

Jan 19 – Live Interview on The Wellness Coaches Online
Author Bajeerao Patil talks about addiction
Time 11:00 am EST
Call In Sunday to Ask Questions

(917) 889-9079

 Jan  19  – Review at Anxiety Behind the Badge
Lifelong Sobriety reaches individuals seeking help dealing with stress and anxiety



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Definitely interesting reading. whether you agree or disagree the book leaves you thinking...
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